Welcome 2023! More Social, More Data

AI gets more social this year

2023 is here. We must prepare for new challenges and milestones. A lot has happened in these past 12 months: a war that seems endless, authorities breaking promises, inflation, and an increase in interest rates that might not drop until early 2024. What to expect? Experts in marketing say that we will see more social … Read more

3,2,1 How to Start your own company (Part 2)

Turn your dreams into your company

Structure, Legal and Accounting company matters. The structure of your company is one of the cornhttps://eduardoguillenmk.com/services/erstones of starting your company. You must choose what form of business you want to establish so you have a clear view of which taxes you must pay. Now, there are several forms of creating a company, but for the specific purpose … Read more

3,2,1 How to start your own company (Part 1)

starting your own company

So, you want to create your own business? Stop working for someone else? Take the Bull by the horns? Well, you are in the right place. Here I provide you with a guide (Part 1 of 3) on how to create and develop your own company. First, let’s start with planning. Planning Everything has a beginning. … Read more

Entrepreneur, free your mind

entrepreneur free your mind

There is not much business literature on this subject, but I think this is one of the most important matters for an entrepreneur. Especially on the topics of creativity, flexibility, and communication. In other words, an entrepreneur does not fear the future, because he has learned to control anxiety while developing an objective driven mind. … Read more