What can I do for you?


A wide variety of services is at your hands. My team and I can provide you with high-quality solutions according to your demands and deadlines. Give us a call.


  • Branding (Brand creation and positioning)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Retail Sales Management and planning
  • Management in Finance Marketing
  • Promotions and Media Strategic Management
  • E-marketing (Google AdWords)
  • Creation of Media flowchart for Advertising
  • Crisis Management

Digital Marketing

  • Social Network management
  • Webpage design
  • SEO Webpage Improvement
  • Hi Quality WordPress Design
  • Apps Development
  • WEB Systems Development (with or without plugins)

Video and Audio

  • Video and Audio Editing
  • Special Effects Creation
  • Short Animations
  • Professional Photography (events)
  • Photography books (male-female models)
  • Cosplay photography
  • Script creation for movies (dialogues)

Graphic Design

  • Hi end Retouching and photoshoping
  • Advertising for printing, digital and video formats
  • Lettering (Creation of fonts)
  • Vectorization and creation of logos and illustrations
  • 3D Max Architecture Design (images and video in hi resolution)


  • WordPress design & development
  • Maintenance & support wordpress sites
  • Custom web design
  • Development of web systems
  • Android app development
  • Web Geo-location

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