Marketing Solutions for small and medium-sized companies

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I work together with a specialized team to allow your company, small or medium sized, and entrepreneurs to reach their goals through an assertive marketing management and advertising campaigns using a fresh and holistic approach where not only your enterprise grows but also the ones behind it

Many entrepreneurs ask themselves how to improve their sales and brand effectively without going crazy in the way. However, many times the solution to their problems lay in finding simple answers based in self-examination and the use of some tools to improve their communication (inside and outside the company). You can contact me now to give you more details.

This is what you can achieve with my services and consulting (English/Spanish):

  • Graphic design (printed and digital)
  • Webpage design (HTML5, CSS, Hosting included)
  • Copywriting (Multiple topics)
  • SEO services
  • Google Adwords (planning and management)
  • Social Network (planning and management)
  • Brand development (branding indentity)
  • Marketing consulting
  • Retail Planning
  • Crisis Management

Client Reviews

Working with Eduardo was a real pleasure; his professionalism, responsibility and human sensibility has turned him into an excellent collaborator and friend because beyond taking my company to a new commercial level he gave me the confidence to go forward besides the strength to overcome new challenges. It will be difficult to find someone like him.  Ana Maria Peralta, CEO/owner GRUPO ORIGEN

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