My daily tools

How can I create attractive advertising pieces? As you have seen in the portfolio, all these ads can be created with this set of software applications. Take a look into their descriptions to learn more about them.

One of my basic applications to design and develop wonderful advertising pieces. Photoshop allows me to use tools to modify the nature of photographies while adding effects to stand out. Used together with other Adobe applications it gives me the ability to create high level pieces for my clients.

The essential  tool to manage vectors and create an infinite variety of logos, icons and sketches. Using illustrator also allows me to develop typographies and complex illustrations for print, website and video purposes.

Your videos need a strong and solid postproduction development? I can do it thanks to Adobe After Effects. This software animates and compose professional motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video and WEB. Gain more clients and views to your social networks adding valuable production and storytelling characteristics thanks to this app. 

The industry leading video editing software Premiere Pro allows me to create visual pieces with professional quality for film, TV and WEB formats. Together with After Effects, Premiere Pro delivers the maximum editing and post production results for you are able to perform any form of visual narrative, just as you have conceived it in the client’s imagination.

Thanks to In Design complex page design products like brochures, magazines, books, guides or  flyers can be done perfectly. Also, you can export your pages to digital form or create ebooks and interactive online documents.

Sound is a vital part of any video production, for that reason I use Adobe Audition to mix, edit and create audio content thanks to a comprehensive and extensive toolset. This software also allows you to create new and impressive effects to your audio tracks polishing your production.

An application to bring out the best in photography thanks to its many settings. You can punch colors, create vibrant images or remove objects. This software is ideal to deliver impressive pictures while saving time and providing high render quality.

This program allows to render, ingest, transcode and create proxies in many video formats making possible to work with media in a unified way across applications.

I can create amazing 3D models, actions and animations. Also to perform rendering work, composition for videogames, films and motion graphics. All of this helps clients to increase their production value and give their customers more impressive media and creative content for their visual and digital advertising.

The social network by excellence, Facebook is an incredible tool to take your business to a new level of customer relationship, audience targeting, positioning, and branding. From launching campaigns to reviewing advertising results in detail, Facebook will give you new perspectives and tools to preserve and increase your customer database.

Youtube is a social network to create video content. Open yourself to a wide variety of subjects from numerous ‘youtubers’, companies and institutions. Here you can create your channel, launch livestreams and share knowledge of any kind. A great tool to create marketing awareness and gather an active fanbase.

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. Here you can access to a wide range of experts in there on fields. You can also access to news, tips, advices, manuals and documents related to specific job activities. LinkedIn is a serious social network dedicated to create links were professionals can share knowledge and create contacts

One of the most popular social networks, Twitter let your voice reach audiences with similar interests in particular subjects. It is also called a microblogging service, as you are able to write posts up to 140 characters in total. If you want to create PR campaigns and also motivate audiences through influencers to perform certain social activities this is the network you must have.

Together with Facebook, Instagram provides fresh content to publish lifestyle and trending ideas, especially between young audiences. It explodes the use of mobile photography and thanks to its filters allows you to stylize your pictures to project specific visual messages and character moods, which is ideal to branding purposes.

Similar to Instagram, this app makes possible to send videos and pictures with a limited lifetime. This tool is used by many teens and adults to motivate a fun and shareable communication. Everything that happens in THIS precise moment is valuable for Snapchat, neither before nor after.

Every business need an e-mailing service provider through which is able to send news, reminders and promotions to their clients; Mailchimp is one of the most requested and effective e-mail services in the market allowing to organize your data, contacts and forms to be sent while being highly respectful of the customer/receiver preferences.

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