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TikTok for business

TikTok for Business

Before all, you need to know that TikTok might not be the best advertising platform for every business. TikTok has a unique sense of freshness that might require brand flexibility; this means the brand and logo need to get playful and allow any manipulation by the consumer. The products or services must be promoted casually

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Show the elaboration of brand design

Brand Design

Brand design is an extensive field of study and one of the main subjects of commercial graphic design, but beyond everyday folks might think, there is a lot of psychology and other sciences behind it. Mostly, a brand wants to tell us something to move us to do a specific activity. This activity could be

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marketing in sports

Marketing in Sports

Few times we consider the role of marketing in sports, in the past both walked next to the other and for today standards, one cannot exist without the other anymore. Every culture and civilization in the past, from Mayans in Mesoamerica and Romans in ancient Europe to the Quin Dynasty in ancient China, have carried

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Depict Mckenzie for Windows

The Battle Continues, Mckenzie for Windows

The fight for consumers between Apple and Microsoft (Windows) appeared in the ’90s when both were rivaling for the dominant position on the technology market. This rivalry has generated original marketing pieces and ads which has solidified each brand’s values and DNA. This is the online ad made by Microsft to promote its new laptop.

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Illustrating how to create your company

3,2,1 How to Start your own company (Part 3)

Branding and Creating your Site and Advertising Finally, we get to the final part of the series on how to start your own company. In this chapter, we will show you how to create your branding, where and how to create your site and finally how to promote it online. The brand is your company’s

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Did Gillette do this on purpose?

If you haven’t seen the last Gillette’s 2019 campaign (launched in January 2019), you have been living under a rock. There is a ton of hidden information about values and market share that the brand wants to change? Here it is: Many ask themselves why Gillette will pull out a commercial of this kind.

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