Who am I, and what can I do for you?

Who is Eduardo Guillen?

Hello, I am Eduardo Guillen communication and marketing specialist. I am compromised with my clients’ requirements to help them achieve their goals by making wise decisions through analysis and self-examination.

Here you can find strategic planning and branding development that includes creating traditional and digital pieces for a wide variety of formats that include video, audio, and printing advertising.

I will help you to find the right way to create a clear brand image and communication strategy.

Furthermore, my efforts focus on analyzing and reviewing which sections or areas of your company need to improve or adjust to enforced your business offer. We will decide together the activities to take according to your product category and how you should put them into action.

During my services, I will develop a follow up to keep track of your progress on the critical issues while discarding the urgent.

What is my objective?

My goal is to help you to reach total freedom through self-examination and the realization that you and your business are intrinsically joined. During my years of experience, I have worked for different companies in different industries and retails categories.

Many of my clients have told me, ‘Hey Eduardo! all of these changes and strategies have been an eye-opener for me, I haven’t realized how much of me was infused with my company and how my mistakes and good desitions were also linked in this way’. 

Forget the idea that personal life and the workplace are totally separated scenarios not related at all.

Remember, if one side gets affected by problems or obstacles to develop and grow the other side will receive the damage sooner or later.

How to fix it?

I am a marketing and communications specialist and here I will give you some tips to show you my philosophy and help you realize that your business and your personal life are bound, and any decision you take will bring you more freedom or it will take it away from you.


Discard this idea: “Let’s do it better than the competition”. It is not about doing it better, but different, unique. You must find and choose a way to perform a service or create a product in a different way.  Once you have this the only thing left to do is to announce it originally. This will give you new clients, inevitably.

Do not sell your future to the highest bidder. Remember, when dealing with investors you are not selling your business idea but your spirit, the substance that makes your company yours, unique and different. If your business loses its spirit then you will begin to lose your business.

Remember to create and care your brand equity. If you do not value your brand equity you will be selling nothing more than a product, and that was admissible twenty years ago but not today. Every product or service must have a personality, an essence, It must convey an attitude. 

Innovate, Now. Establish a couple of hours a week to listen to new ideas to improve or renew products and services. This is not a suggestion box sort of break, but a time to launch new concepts and create groups to develop those ideas into reality (Planning). Every active member in the company must be involved.


Allow yourself to make mistakes. Making a mistake is inevitable. It will happen sooner or later and not only once because these are an important part of learning. If your staff doesn’t make mistakes is because they are not innovating and they keep working with the same parameters you have formulated long time ago. In simple words: your company is being left behind.  What you must procure is that your mistakes be small and manageable.

Do not be afraid of empower your employees. Let your staff work freely. If you have deadlines create milestone to be accomplished. Don’t fall into the temptation of supervising them each hour to see if they are achieving their goals or not. Be simple, if they do not reach the first objective they will have to improve their work ASAP. That will give meaning to their work.

Quantity or quality. Many entrepreneurs want to become the next Steve Jobs and they believe that increasing the workload will get them closer to that dream. Bad idea. If you act like this the only result you’ll get are loads of tasks filled with mistakes because you are assigning several responsibilities to few employees. Choose between quantity or quality, but do not expect to accomplish both with the same precision.

Listen…All the time. When an employee, friend or foe has an idea that at first sounds crazy and might represent a risk to the way you offer your product, take your time and play the devil’s advocate. If the other side have an reasonable answer come back with new alternatives and play with the opportunity of investing considering an specific time and budget. Do not say ‘ok’ and lost the idea that could take your company to a new level.

Discard complication. Many times, the most basic and elemental properties are the only things you need to show to achieve success. Likewise, you must look for a way to communicate your message in a straight way. Is during this last process that many companies fail despite their product effectiveness.


Automatize your processes. Unless this automatization harms your brand equity, you must go forward with the necessary upgrades. Time is your most valuable asset, and you must hasten the transit of clients to your business before your competition.

You must use traditional marketing and digital marketing alike. Digital marketing can find the clients faster and in a more precise way, while conventional marketing reinforces your brand equity and allows you to build market presence. Be wise when applying your strategy.

Care for your customers. Seriously. Electronically manage your sale processes and increase your effectiveness. Find a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or build one. Moreover, there are several alternatives in the WEB to an accessible cost.


Your personal and work-related life are bound together. Many entrepreneurs define the dynamics of their companies unaware of this effect, and when difficulties arrive, whether coming from the same business or not; like personal, familiar or even moral issues, they get surprised asking themselves how did I get here? And when did I lose control of my company?

Even your moral decisions will affect both dimensions of your life.

The paragraphs mentioned here are a sample of my services which includes, self examination technics, planning strategies, branding, digital marketing, SEM and SEO services, web designing, hosting, and app development.

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