Welcome 2023! More Social, More Data

2023 is here. We must prepare for new challenges and milestones. A lot has happened in these past 12 months: a war that seems endless, authorities breaking promises, inflation, and an increase in interest rates that might not drop until early 2024. What to expect? Experts in marketing say that we will see more social features, data analytics, and human-like behavior features to recover the trust lost in previous years.

More Social

Among the new trends for 2023, we have Social Commerce, which means customers purchasing items from their devices through social platforms.

Indeed, advertising on mobile devices is now a must, and the participation of influencers marks a milestone in how customers will perceive market products and services.

Furthermore, in this scenario, honesty and the real identity of brands will be tested.

However, going Social not only means a brand must behave and act like another person but also admit its mistakes and wait for its time to shine. It depends on brands how to advertise to seem natural and not fake.

I, me, myself

On a different note, Livestream will take off, and live interactions, mentions, and online gifts (such as stars on Facebook) might be new tactics to use on brands’ customer journeys.

Likewise, pay special attention to YouTube, Podcasts, and Twitch and their tools for Marketing App integrations, Analytics, Live captions, and methods of Call to Action.

More Data

The constant use of data will be a new pillar of Marketing Campaigns for 2023.

Analytic tools for desktop and mobile devices, SMS, and Social Networks’ accurate impact measurements, plus how, when, and why your target reacts, will form the new score on how to select and monitor channels for your advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, many analysts reported that marketing teams would have to include work methods such as the Agile system, already used in software, to adapt their marketing strategy on reduced timelines.

Marketing teams will have to react quickly and have more independence to engage with the competition, which means experimentation and real-time reliant data reports at hand to make decisions.

All point out that brands must become another person to interact with their customers successfully.


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