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Did Gillette do this on purpose?

If you haven’t seen the last Gillette’s 2019 campaign (launched in January 2019), you have been living under a rock. There is a ton of hidden information about values and market share that the brand wants to change? Here it is: Many ask themselves why Gillette will pull out a commercial of this kind.

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A Sears store entrance

Sears, One Piece at the Time.

Sears is dying The 125-year-old American giant is losing a war that began 13 years ago. A problem that has been fraying the corporation’s texture by liquidating its assets, chunk by chunk, to produce a so-called ‘great change’, something that hasn’t yet been accomplished, and it seems that it’s never going to happen because of

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Turn your dreams into your company

3,2,1 How to Start your own company (Part 2)

Structure, Legal and Accounting company matters. The structure of your company is one of the corn of starting your company. You must choose what form of business you want to establish so you have a clear view of which taxes you must pay. Now, there are several forms of creating a company, but for the specific purpose

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starting your own company

3,2,1 How to start your own company (Part 1)

So, you want to create your own business? Stop working for someone else? Take the Bull by the horns? Well, you are in the right place. Here I provide you with a guide (Part 1 of 3) on how to create and develop your own company. First, let’s start with planning. Planning Everything has a beginning.

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entrepreneur free your mind

Entrepreneur, free your mind

There is not much business literature on this subject, but I think this is one of the most important matters for an entrepreneur. Especially on the topics of creativity, flexibility, and communication. In other words, an entrepreneur does not fear the future, because he has learned to control anxiety while developing an objective driven mind.

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Marketing Myopia

Marketing Myopia. Always focus on your consumer, not you!

Marketing myopia is a term created by Theodore Levitt in 1960, economist and professor of the prestigious Harvard Business School. In particular, Levitt declares that many companies are focused on improving their products while completely forgetting about the real consumer needs. Furthermore, today many products and services are still falling into this category (syndrome) usually because they

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