TikTok for Business

Before all, you need to know that TikTok might not be the best advertising platform for every business. TikTok has a unique sense of freshness that might require brand flexibility; this means the brand and logo need to get playful and allow any manipulation by the consumer.

The products or services must be promoted casually as if these were part of the background idea; the person and its experience is the primary purpose of the post, not the product.

Now, this might sound contra-productive for some marketers, but this is the way the market behaves now. It is mandatory to make the consumer, or in this case ‘the user’ of a product, interact with the product or service in a ludic way, and of course, let the world know about it.

Of course, TikTok for business has its own sponsored content, and this will make you figure out at the top of the listings, mainly when you click the ‘discover button.’ You also will get sponsored content from time to time while you swap to check out other posts or commonly known as ‘Tiktoks.’

Why should I ‘TikTok’ for my business?

As mentioned before, for some products and services, TikTok might not be placed to advertise. However, branding campaigns can have a positive result if appropriately managed.

In 2018 TikTok registered 500 million active users. However, the engagement level in the app was low, only reaching 29% compared with other rival apps.

  • Brand Lenses: Similar tool used in Snapchat that includes 3D lenses for photos.
  • Brand takeovers: A brand takes TikTok for the day, being able to create posts that support access to landing pages or hashtags.
  • Infeed content: These are story ads that support app downloads or visits to websites or landing pages.
  • Hashtag Challenges: Use a promoted hashtag for a limited time to encourage engagement.

However, it is crucial your brand has its account, regardless of any campaign running, because it creates new content to familiarize your brand essence with the audience, especially if this is the ‘Gen Z’ generation.

TikTok Audience

generation chart that includes different age gaps

Undoubtedly, the primary audience for TikTok is ‘Gen Z’ audience, and their crave to express themselves for pure enjoyment.

Recently, you can discover many challenges viralized out of simple proposals such as ‘I made the shampoo challenge.’ Also, you can find videos using songs to describe professional traits, as well as family and friends episodes of daily life.

On the other side, Millennials and Xennials are not naturally driven to use TikTok because many will consider more childish than apps such as Instagram and the now senior Facebook.

However, Gen Z’s participation in this app includes interactions with Millennials and other generations’ reasons why there is a recent interest in this app between ages 25 to 40.

My recommendation is to install TikTok and spend a week swapping posts from time to time to have a better taste of this ‘TikTok language’ before investing in advertising especially because you will have to create a piece that fits in this platform under the risk of getting memed if you don’t know how to create the posts.

Here you have a link to download the app. Getting sign-up is as simple as adding your phone number. Also, here are some screenshots with diverse subjects and challenges. Have fun! And of course, share and subscribe!

TikTok screenshot
TikTok post
TikTok contest promotion

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