Entrepreneur, free your mind

There is not much business literature on this subject, but I think this is one of the most important matters for an entrepreneur. Especially on the topics of creativity, flexibility, and communication. In other words, an entrepreneur does not fear the future, because he has learned to control anxiety while developing an objective driven mind.

Embrace your status

Entrepreneur means you are a somebody who is willing to take a risks in business. Now, you can find a lot of blogs and articles on this particular subject. But let’s dive into the state of mind and the spirit you need to achieve your goals while working as the owner of a company, whether you are new in this race for success or you already reach some of your goals but the path seems now harder than before.

However, this is a part of the problem. The spirit must be tamed. Yes. This is a talk you might not hear before. But the spirit is the most important matter while you are building your dream. You need to feed it with good messages, actions, and small triumphs.

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Learn to listen, and keep your mind clear

There is a memory I keep, from one of my ex-bosses (An owner and CEO of a construction company), being continuously overrun by a myriad of claims from different company departments. In other words, problems that include HR, finances, sales, marketing, and more. Nonetheless, he remained under control of the situation all the time. He assisted each situation, one by one defining roles, periods and objectives.

Now, you must know he created his company from zero. He had to mortgage his own house and request a loan from the bank to start it. He was under high pressure since the beginning, but he believed in his vision.

Yes, he did believe when others had no interest in his ideas, and these people made clear that he should not go ahead with his plans because that will ruin him completely. In time, this spirit led him to create something out of desperation*. Something that years later became a successful construction company for a target that no one believed was able to pay such house prices.

Being an entrepreneur is like being an athlete.

Did you know athletes must have a psychologist dedicated to enhance their performance? This is mandatory. The dates, the pressure, the budget all that was invested to make him win a competition, even their career is at stake. Check this video about how your mind can make you lost, even when you are fully prepared for facing your destiny.

If there is something that holds you down, that prevents you from going a different way, get rid of it and begin creating your own story. It will be hard but know that this is meant to be this way to prepare your spirit because if your will is strong your dreams will become true. There is no doubt about that.

Here I give you a list of three books that will help you to think straight and to enforced your spirit for the daily living.  

  • ‘Employee to Entrepreneur: A Mind, Body and Spirit Transition’ by Suzanne Mulvehill. A book that will help you to clarify your mind and gain confidence.
  • ‘The Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ by Nandram, Sharda S., Samsom, Karel J. 60 entrepreneurial stories selected for their insights and valuable advice.
  • ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ by John of the Cross. A deeply spiritual and revealing book about overcoming the hardest situations of life.

Also, take note of these components of a balanced life, as a complement of what we have explained in this post.

*there were other factors involved which added more drama to this story: like his son’s illness and the suddenly ‘goodbye’ given by his previous five starred banking job.


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