Empowering and Growth? 3 key elements

Small and Middle companies always struggle to choose in which direction they must go to expand their businesses. Many times empowering is out of the picture. Big mistake.

Here, I show you 3 key elements you must know to find out how to grow your business while empowering your team. 

Let the fear go away, Now!

Many entrepreneurs are constantly assaulted by doubts based on fear. They research and perform tests to know in advance if some new move (product or service) is going to work or not.

However, even having a positive result they are still doubting. This is because they are focusing on the percentage of risk the operation is going to take.

Make the decision:

Look… there’s always going to be risks. Actually, if there were no risks then, why to consider the opportunity?

You must choose and always head towards a product, service or decision that disrupts the market (We are not only talking about a big change in the game, this includes anything new that makes your market, company even your personal life to change its behavior, and consequently turn the public interest to you).   

In other words, it’s like purchasing real estate, you must invest in an area that you know it’s going to increase its value over time.

You can have formulas, statistics, and financial runs. However, at the end, you must accept the risk and do it. Hold to your beliefs, do not expect the market gives you 100% probability of success to make your move. It’s not going to happen. Empowering others, start by empowering yourself. 


Stop being so bureaucratic, change your ways = change the game.

You must allow your employees to approach to you. Open your door all the time. Actually, take it from its frame. Everybody needs to know and feel the boss as close as another employee of the company.

The attitude also needs to change it’s not enough talking about it, the employees must feel it.

Is bureaucracy wrong?

No, It’s not; however, being bureaucratic it is. Nothing it’s too sacred in the company for not being altered in favor of growth and efficiency. Today bureaucracy is something you need to adjust in favor of quicker and better results, especially when dealing with human talent.

Talk with your employees, get to know them better and give them opportunities

It’s 2017. Make your employees active participants in your strategy. Stop making them feel like a piece of a big senseless machine. Many of them are tired to achieve a result for later being punished with more workload and new higher objectives.

In the book Superbosses, Sydney Finkelstein describes this as a formula for failure claiming that only bosses that create an emotional bond with their employees can achieve new heights in their companies.

So, the idea is to give security, support, and guidance for the ideas the employees have; and after this, take the bar higher.

You must believe in your business, be sure about it and as consequence spread that security to the rest of your team despise how foggy the market looks.

Remember you are the maker of your own destiny. With this in mind empowering your team is the key to achieve your goals. 


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